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Allie's Story

Monday, February 21, 2011

Allie Castner was like any other fifteen year old girl. With summer slowly coming to an end and September right around the corner she looked forward to the many new milestones ahead of her. She was finally getting her braces off, learning how to drive, and starting another soccer season with her best friends. Tragically, Allie did not get to accomplish any of those milestones. On August 24th, 2009 Allie was struck and killed while crossing the street in her hometown of Marblehead Ma. Such a tragic event shocked the community and created an almost instantaneous ripple effect to promote safe driving awareness.

Allie Castner was a person who had an absolute passion for life and truly lived it to the fullest. She is often described by her friends as the glue that kept them all together.  She had a contagious smile that could literally illuminate a room, and one of the warmest hearts I knew. She was compassionate about others and was known as a leader. She always stuck up for the little guy and was not afraid to correct the injustices of the world around her.

Allie teaches us all just how precious life can be. In order to honor her short but meaningful life, Allies friends and family started the Allie Castner Scholarship Foundation. The Scholarship is awarded annually to a student who embodies Allie’s spirit and love of life. Allies favorite phrase when describing her friends and family was “You Hold My World.” The phrase is a true representation of just how much Allie loved her family and friends. By supporting Allie’s cause we can all continue to hold Allie’s world and memory in our hearts forever.

Although Allie has left this world, her memory is apparent in everything we do. Over the past year, there have been 10,000 Slow Down for Allie bumper stickers distributed, a continuous reminder to all just how precious life is. There have been 4,000 You Hold My World wristbands sold in addition to 150 lives potentially saved by a blood drive in Allies honor.

 On March 6th, 2011 in Salem Massachusetts there will be a relay race in honor of Allie. All proceeds of the race will be given directly towards her scholarship foundation. Please help us keep Allies spirit alive through your generous donations and remember to always take a few minutes out of your day and Slow down for Allie.