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All Sports Boosters 2013-2014

PO Box 244

Marblehead, MA 01945

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Marblehead High School student athletes participate in sports at every level of accomplishment and the MHS All Sports Boosters are proud to be of service in support of each our athletes.

First, the Boosters would like to thank the businesses and parents in Marblehead and the surrounding communities for purchasing ads and Good Luck banners to inspire and cheer on our athletes and their teams.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our unsung heroes: the many parent volunteers and MHS custodial and staff who enthusiastically donate time, ideas and endless energy.

Your participation and assistance allow us to realize our goals.

Finally, the Boosters must acknowledge and thank the young people at the core of our program, our student athletes. We admire your ability to continually balance the dual dedication to academics and sports, and applaud you for integrating the true meaning of teamwork and success into your daily lives!


Deborah Heaton, Acting Principal • Mark Tarmey, Athletic Director • Pat Magee, Athletic Clerk


Tricia Rockett

Co-President  781.258.6184

Gina Walker

Co-President  781.844.4915

Tracy Maag

Treasurer Chairperson

Carolyn Coughlin



Robin Berry

Scholarship Selection Chairperson

Rachel Whitmore

Scholarship Drive Chairperson

Deb Sheppard

Scholarship Drive Committee

Carolyn Morrell

Photography Chairperson

Lisa & Bill Gillis

Special Olympics Co-Chairpersons

Tricia Rockett & Gina Walker

Shed Co-Chairpersons

Joni Thayer

Product Sales Chairperson